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Booking info for bands and promoters

Franks Power Plant-

Franks Power Plant- 2800 S KK Bayview, WI 53207
- Est. 1925
Open from 4-Close Mon-Fri, & Noon-close Sat. & Sun.

Hellz Yea! We would LOVE to have you play at Franks!

Franks provides a generous deal for bands and performers! All of our employees play in bands and/or are real music lovers, so we know how important it is to get a fair deal! A.V. Club Milwaukee says we are "one of the most underappreciated music venues in the city!" On average we have 2.75 shows per week, ranging from bluegrass to heavy metal, and bands LOVE the sound.

We provide (free of charge) the P.A. and mics, sound lady, door guy, and performers get UNLIMITED FREE BEER all night* (this is BREW CITY after all!)! And best of all: bands keep ALL of the money that is collected at the door!

There are a few things you need to know in order to book your event here. The first step is to check to see if the date you want is taken by checking out our events calendar, and please note that we can only do Wednesday if your band is rockabilly, to tie in with the theme of the night.

Secondly, you will need to read over our guidelines and then fill out the questions on the right (to the best of your ability) and email it to

If you have questions about stuff include that in the email, we are flexible. STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW/GUIDELINES:

*We have a PA and 4 mics and 4 stands, and the capability to have up to 4 things plugged in at once.
*A direct line to the PA is available (we only have 1 DI BOX though!)
*We provide a person to setup, breakdown, and operate the sound equipment.
*On weeknights: No stacks! Or Halfstacks! Unless you are willing to turn them down. Our neighbors donít like the noise, and we don't like visits from the po-po!


*We do not work with guarantees/contracts EVER!
*Bands play for the door (starts at 9:30)-and keep all the money the door takes in(after inventory is checked at the end of the night.


********!!!!!IMPORTANT: You are responsible for making ALL fliers and handbills, and handling ALL THE promotion for your show. Fliers need to include the cover charge, correct times (door starts at 9:30, first band plays no earlier than 10 PM) and need to be delivered to the bar at least 2 weeks before a show (or no free beers). Please email a high resolution version of the flier to as well, or tag us on Facebook so we can post that.

*We do not have a "built in crowd". Find a local band to support your show. We don't do shows without a local band to draw.
*It is also very important that you forward these rules to the other bands playing on the bill, so they know what weíre working with!

Q: Anything else I might need to know? A: Franks Power Plant will provide our own door person for the night to check IDs and collect the cover charge. You may not bring your own door guy. It's a legal thing.

*Load in is at 9 AN NO EARLIER! Don't show up at 9 with your friends that you wanted to have pay a cover- the door doesn't start until 9:30!!! Being late also sucks.

*Set times (including start/stop times) are determined by our sound person.

*Free beer is provided for performers, because we love ya. This starts after 9pm and goes until close. HOWEVER- At 9 you will receive 2 beer tickets (good for certain domestic drafts). After 15 cover-paying persons are counted at door you may drink as many damn domestic taps as you damn well please until bar close. You have until 11 PM to get 15 people in in order to get the unlimited fountain of beer.

*We do not accommodate a guest list. If you want someone to get in for free please reimburse them at the end of the night after your band is payed.


1. Your name:
2. Your Bands name:
3. Estimated Draw:
4. Your telephone number:
5. Potential date(s) you want your band to play:
6. I have checked to see if this date is available by cross referencing your schedule: Yes or NO
7. Names of the other people in your band, and their ages (Remember, NO ONE UNDER 21 EVER! WE DONíT PLAY!):
8. Style/Genre of music (Sorry, NO cover bands) and where you're from:
9. Local bands confirmed/considered to play on the bill:
10. Local band that has agreed to make fliers and handle ALL promotion (if touring), or will you be handling the promotion for your show?(remember: NO FLIERS: NO BEERS):
11. Local bands have been forwarded a copy of these rules, or pinky swear youíll forward them these rules AS youíre confirming the date with them, not the night before the show: Y or No, but I pinky swear.
12. I have read the rules and understand them (ESPECIALLY the NO STACKS, Promo, and 21+ parts!!!):
13. For real, I have read all this junk and I GET IT ALREADY! Y or N
Also feel free to include your band's website info, bio, etc!

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